Not an Egg in the Hayloft

Duration: 1 hour
July 26th, 2016

Tempting Failure Festival, Hackney Showroom, London, United Kingdom

The artist places slip casted porcelain eggs into small jars one at a time. Eventually dissolving, cracking, and breaking, they will release their insides. Concurrently, he will be weaving a basket from start to finish. Once finished, the jars will be emptied by hand into the basket and the liquid will be consumed by the artist. Through these actions, the artist hopes to think and investigate ideas of birth, abortion, and gender roles through the 2016 festival provocation "In-Utero".  
(video forthcoming)

Images by Julia Bauer, Supported by Tempting Failure CIC and Arts Council England.

Performance Writing by Lisa Stertz, courtesy of Incident Magazine.