Tempting Failure 2016, London, England

Tempting Failure is a festival of international performance art and noise art, showcasing under-represented or extreme artwork that may interrogate risk or challenge preconceptions.

Prior to TF2016, the festival has programmed over 125 artists to perform, mentored 5 graduate artists, booked 39 artist speakers, and supported 25 artists through masterclasses. 

Conceived in 2011, initially as part of his PhD at University of Bristol to examine specific phenomenological concerns around body art, Tempting Failure was founded by Thomas John Bacon.  TF then subsequently expanded to become an annual event and arts organisation.  

Tempting Failure is invested in the support of Performance Art and Noise Art, as well as the professional development of artists at all stages of their careers and the education of all. 

This year Tempting Failure received their biggest intake of applications for the fifth anniversary festival running July 21st - 29th.  400 artists applied from around the world to join them over the nine days of the festival. I have been selected to be an Emergent Artist in this year’s festival in London, England. I will be performing a new work titled “Not an Egg in The Hayloft” on Tuesday July 26th, 2016 in London’s Hackney Showroom, a former print works warehouse.

If you're in the London area in July, then join me during my performance, and witness the work of some really amazing performance artists from around the globe.

Porcelain Slip-Cast eggs / Performance Objects, 2016

Porcelain Slip-Cast eggs / Performance Objects, 2016

Source: http://www.temptingfailure.com/