Practice, Practicing, and the Perpetual Becoming of Performance

Petrichor Performance Collective and Panoply Performance Lab present a discursive exhibition of performative works in Brooklyn and Boston in conjunction with panel discussions on the legacy of performative practices and collective engagement in both cities. This exchange is curated/organized by Helina Metaferia, Esther Neff, and respective members of Petrichor and Panoply.

Friday, November 7
Panel Discussions 6pm, Performances @ 7-11pm
Saturday, November 8
Performances @ 7-11pm

Participating Artists:
Danielle Abrams, Leah Rafaela Ceriello, Dell M. Hamilton , Tiara Jenkins, Ryan McMahon, Helina Metaferia, Cris Schayer, Bryana Siobhan, Kledia Spiro, Nathaniel Wyrick

I will be performing a piece titled "Searching for the Perfect Gentleman I" on Saturday November 8th at 7:00 pm.

More can be found on the collective website at